TOOL # 1: "Insider's Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet"

The "Insider's Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" by Corey Rudl, has been the #1 best-selling Internet marketing course on the Web for the past 3 years, supplying critical information to anyone who wants to build a successful e-business. You will learn killer Internet marketing techniques like:

  • Web page promotion and design
  • Online services (Compuserve, AOL, Prodigy, Genie)
  • Online classified ads
  • Affiliate/reseller/associate programs
  • Newsgroup promotions
  • Promotions through discussion lists and newsletters
  • Opt-in e-mail techniques
  • Autoresponders
  • Bulletin boards
  • Electronic malls
  • Ranking at the top of search engines
  • Sales strategies
  • Creating killer copy
  • Banner ads (tips and tricks)
  • Completely automating your business

Plus a ton more cutting-edge tips, tricks and techniques designed to guarantee the success of any e-business.

To learn more about the course, "The Insider's Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet", CLICK HERE.


TOOL #2: Mailloop Business Automation Software

Mailloop is the complete "E-mail Automation Solution" for anyone doing business on the Internet. Mailloop offers many features that are key in the automation of tedious, day-to-day e-mail tasks that eat up the time and profits of all e-businesses.

Mailloop will provide you with:

  • Free unlimited autoresponders.
  • Newsletter server capable of handling numerous different newsletters.
  • Bulk mailer capable of sending thousands of personalized messages to your newsletter/e-zine subscribers, customer lists, opt-in lists, etc.
  • Incoming mailbox processor capable of processing and filtering all of your incoming e-mail.
  • Automatic newsgroup posting allowing you to post to over 35,000 newsgroups.

Plus a ton more features! Mailloop is an extremely powerful tool that will automate monotonous e-mail tasks so that you can focus on the more important things like growing your business!

For more information on the Mailloop software, CLICK HERE


TOOL #3: eCommerce Solutions

Our eCommerce Solutions will give your customers and visitors all of the necessary tools for taking payment on the Internet. With the eCommerce Solutions package your customers, subscribers, visitors, etc. will receive:

  • SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE - This allows customers to pick up items throughout a site and put them in virtual "shopping carts". (Just like at the supermarket!) Before they exit, they can confirm what is in their shopping carts, make changes, and pay for their merchandise.
  • SECURE SERVER - This allows customers to buy on the Internet without worrying about fraud.
  • GATEWAY PROCESSOR - This processes customers' credit cards instantly when they complete your order form. It gets their cards approved, transfers the money into your merchant account, and sends e-mail confirmations to both you and your customers.
  • MERCHANT ACCOUNT - Once the gateway has processed the credit card, the money is deposited into the merchant account!

For more information on the Internet Marketing Center's "eCommerce Solutions Package" CLICK HERE


TOOL #4: AssocTRAC "Affiliate Tracking Software"

Affiliate programs are one of the most powerful vital marketing techniques on the Internet today! With AssocTRAC, your customers, visitors, subscribers, etc. now have the ability to implement their very own Affiliate program using the LATEST AFFILIATE TRACKING TECHNOLOGY available!

For more information CLICK HERE


TOOL #5: eBook Pro Internet Publishing Software

By using special software to package your information for sale or giveaway, users must register them to view them which means you receive their contact information to market your products to them. CLICK HERE for more on this killer marketing strategy.


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